Wednesday, June 6, 2012

50 shades of confusion

I'm gonna write this blog like it hasn't been a year since my last entry...

So I didn't sleep at all last night because a few things are on my mind. Don't worry, by reading this entry, you will be enlightened. 

First things first, I just finished "50 Shades of Grey". When I say "just", I mean as in 2 hours ago. I read through the night and finished at 5:42 this morning. Needless to say, the only reason I am able to write right now is because of the shower I had to take after reading it. Mixed emotions after finishing it. One being, I'm mad at myself for giving in...I swore I would never read it. (For those of you that have read it, how "anastasia" of me)

 Reason number one for not caring about the book, I do not have a BDSM fetish. Number two, I heard it was somewhat of an "adult version" (and a more poorly written version) of the "Twilight" love story...I think they call it a "saga" though.  (I hate Twilight)  The third reason, to be honest, I'm not ready to move on from the "Hunger Games" trilogy. I loved those characters and don't think I'm ready to let new ones in. Well....too late. 

Which brings me to my next point of my mixed emotions:
Christian Grey. I hate that I love him. I'm not going to give you a run down on his character, because chances are if you're a girl, you have probably read the book; and if you're a guy, you're not going to give a damn. Every girl could use a Christian in her life, minus his BDSM obsession and in inability to love. BUT! at last, you know that he CAN you hold on to the sheer hope of him maybe tearing down his stone wall that he calls a heart and letting Anastasia in. But back to why every girl needs a Christian. Think of how easy your life would be. You could do whatever you wanted, minus his rules, buy whatever you wanted, given his approval....okay maybe he's not sounding so great as a write this....hence the mixed emotions. Wait-- Do I love Christian Grey? [I'll have to get back to you after I finish the stupid trilogy]

The last emotion that I'm feeling from the book is exhaustion. After 8 solid hours of reading, numerous sexcapades, and the added stress of "how bad is Christian going to hurt Anastasia", I'm glad it's over. However, I'm not glad that I started reading this piece of erotica at my parents house over summer break. I literally couldn't leave my bedroom. Whilst reading, my blood pressure was probably 160/80 (keep in mind I have no medical background but I'm guessing that's high) my chest was in hives, and I'm not exaggerating at some points in the book I was sweating. When I did finally close the book, I felt my blood pressure that was nice. However, couldn't go to sleep.

Secondly, I just turned the tv on and Miley Cyrus is engaged. WTF?! seriously, miley, get a life.  I'm seriously so pissed about this. 

I think my next blog is going to be a composition of things my parents say while I'm home for summer. It will give me something to do and help reiterate that I'm the most sane in my family. 

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