Sunday, August 28, 2011

commercials that freak me out

ive been wanting to do a blog about commercials that freak me out but i havent had my internet set up until tonight so now i can watch tv and be on the internet at the same time and really live the american dream. (and have a really long run on sentence) so knoxville has really shitty and low budget commercials that air on the reg and there is literally nothing like them. some of you may get this blog and some of you may not.

these guys have about 6 commercials that alternate and this isnt even the best one...

ok this one isnt knoxville, obviously, but jess really freaks me out bc its chaz bono's twin. and when i eat dominos the last thing i want to think about is, "did chaz bono make this pizza?"
chaz bono

this one is a video of a commercial but its SO BAD. this little boy and the realtor should be embarrassed.

um....there almost arent words for this one. nice try though- tennessee bonding co

i want to add more but i cant remember anymore of my favorites right now...ill just continually add to this if any of you care.

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